Essentials in Literature Level 9

Analyzing fiction, nonfiction, novels, and poetry/figurative language.

Essentials in Literature Level 9 Combo

Level 9

(DVD, Textbook, Teacher Handbook and Novel)

Included: DVDs with lesson-by-lesson video instruction, Instructional Student Textbook, Teacher Handbook, and one complete Novel.

Included: DVDs with lesson-by-lesson video instruction and instructional manual/student workbook.


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Essentials in Literature Level 9 Combo

Additional/Replacement Level 9 Textbook
(Additional Workbook)
Included: Additional (or replacement) workbook to use with existing DVDs. Please note this workbook is not functional without the related DVDs.


Unit 1: Fiction (Short Stories)

  • Fiction unit terms and explanation
  • 6 short stories (application)
  • 1 summative assessment

Unit 2: Nonfiction (Short Literary Works)

  • Nonfiction unit terms and explanation
  • 4 nonfiction works (application)
  • 1 summative assessment

Unit 3: Novel

  • 1 novel (literary analysis application)
  • 1 summative assessment
  • 1 major writing activity

Unit 4: Figurative Language/Poetry

  • Figurative Language/Poetry Unit terms and explanation
  • 7 sections of up to 11 literary works (application)
  • 1 summative assessment

Sample Lesson Video

Planners, Samples, and Other Information

What is Essentials in Literature?

Essentials in Literature is a DVD based literary analysis curriculum that features a student textbook/workbook and DVD. Literary analysis is divided into four units:

  1. Fiction (short stories)
  2. Nonfiction (or Drama depending on level)
  3. Novel
  4. Poetry and Figurative Language

Units include literary analysis activities, independent practice, culminating activities, and summative assessments.

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