Dyslexia-Friendly Homeschool Writing Curriculum

Teaching Children with Dyslexia and Other Learning Differences
How To Write Using Essentials In Writing

What is Essentials in Writing?

Essentials in Writing is a video-based homeschool writing curriculum for students in grades 1-12, which includes a student textbook complete with graphic organizers and large text. Our homeschool writing curriculum is organized in a way that presents our expert understanding of how kids with dyslexia learn best. 

Essentials in Writing is proud to offer this curriculum to help your dyslexic learner become a confident and academically high-achieving student. EIW presents lessons and information in a format that is easily digestible to children with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. While Dyslexia is commonly understood as a learning difference that primarily impacts reading, at Essentials in Writing, we understand that children with dyslexia may also need extra support in other areas of phonological processes. 

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Dyslexia is a language-based learning difference. Students may struggle with multiple elements beyond reading as they learn to integrate letters, letter sounds, spelling, and writing. The standard learn-to-read and learn-to-write approach which occurs in a typical classroom setting is often ineffective because it does not make the necessary modifications necessary to set the stage for the academic success of a dyslexic learner. We understand that reading and writing go hand in hand due to their connection to language. We see that students who have dyslexia may struggle with writing as well as reading. There is often a huge difference between what the dyslexic student wants to say and what he or she is actually comfortable writing. 

How It Works

Why does Essentials in Writing work so well for students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences when learning to write?

  • · Short, to-the-point video lessons (may be viewed as many times as necessary)

  • · Students follow a step-by-step process to write well

  • · Each step is modeled in a separate video lesson led by Mr. Stephens

  • · Each composition begins with a graphic organizer to help students get their thoughts on paper visually without having to write any sentences

  • · Each composition is broken down into 5 steps (5 separate lessons)

  • · Each lesson is on a different day

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