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Where students learn how to effectively communicate with readers in written language and become confident writers. With the most comprehensive 100% parent support available

After we finish our morning routine, he goes to his laptop and watches the video, and then does his work. After he's finished, we go over it together! It's so easy!


We Produce Confident Writers

Systematic Step-by-Step Approach

Student watch DVD where the lessons are presented in a systematic, step-by-step approach then proceed to writing assignments.

Small Chunks for Easy Learning

Writing lessons and assignments are presented in small “chunks” to help students understand, apply, and retain concepts.

Lessons Modeled by the Teacher

Writing and literature lessons are modeled by the teacher. After a new or reviewed concept has been taught, the teacher “shows” students HOW to apply the new concept in writing.

We have been using Essentials in Writing for four years in our homeschool and my son just finished his first year of college and writing was a breeze. The small chunks, as you call them, and the video lessons make writing so easy. I was a little worried because he only completed levels 9-11, but I can see he was well prepared. I just wanted to let you know!
Thank you Essentials in Writing!


What Makes Us Different?

Student Centered

Because I teach directly to the student in each lesson, homeschool students learn and complete the assignments while parents facilitate and monitor.

Not Parent Intensive (Low Prep Time)

Because I teach directly to the student in each lesson, parents do not have to be trained to use this homeschool writing curriculum.


Essentials in Writing focuses primarily on teaching and modeling portions of a composition over several days resulting in shorter lesson times over several days versus longer lecture periods and assignments.

Complete Writing Program

Essentials in Writing is considered a complete writing curriculum as it includes both grammar and composition instruction. Considered a best homeschool writing curriculum, EIW is featured in Cathy Duffy's Top102 Picks!

Free Parent/Teacher Support

Any time you have a question while working through the curriculum, you can call customer service, submit a ticket to the curriculum team, or schedule a call with one of our teachers. We are always here to help!

Grading is a Breeze

Parents and students are provided an answer key, a checklist for each composition (plus grading rubrics beginning in level 7) and sample compositions for comparison. Also, a scoring service is available for purchase for levels 7-12.

Certified Instruction

Matthew Stephens earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Missouri State University and holds a teaching certificate from Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education with emphasis in Middle and High School English.

Dyslexia Friendly

Guiding students in – short lessons using a systematic, step by step approach – immediate application – graphic organizers focusing on organizing information – modeling writing for students.

Unlock Three Strategies to


Get three strategies that will help you unlock your student’s writing...100% free! This applies to reluctant writers and those who simply need improvement. I’m here to partner with you on your writing journey!