Level 5 Second Edition

Identify parts of speech; apply parts of speech; apply sentence structure; effective writing skills; expository, descriptive, persuasive, and compare/contrast writing; paragraph, narrative, personal letter, essay, and research project.

Essentials in Writing Level 2 Combo

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Essentials in Writing Level 5 Second Edition

(DVDs +Textbook/Workbook)


Included: DVDs with lesson-by-lesson video instruction, instructional manual/student workbook, and teacher handbook including answer key.

Essentials in Writing Level 2 Combo

Additional Student Level 5 Second Edition Workbook

(Additional Workbook compatible only with second edition Essentials in Writing DVDs)


Included: This is an instructional manual/student workbook for an ADDITIONAL student using the same level of DVDs. Please note that this workbook is not functional without the related DVD.

Essentials in Writing Level 2 Combo

Assessment/Resource Booklet

(Assessment/Resource Booklet is compatible only with second edition Essentials in Writing curriculum)



  • Assessments: 19 grammar assessments in a variety of formats (fill in the blank and multiple choice associated with both sentences and larger compositions), six composition assessments, and two comprehensive unit tests
  • Resources: parent/student word lists for composition and multiple graphic organizers


  • Review Sentence Types and Sentence Structure (Compound Sentences) and Address Sentence Errors (Fragment and Run On)
  • Capitalization Rules: Beginning of Sentences, Names, City/State, Countries and Holidays
  • Punctuation Rules: Period, Question mark, Exclamation Point, and Comma Usage
  • Grammar: Subject/Predicate (Complete, Simple and Compound) Nouns, Proper Nouns, Action Verbs, Adjectives, Pronouns, Linking Verbs, Possessive Nouns, Subject/Verb Agreement, Adverbs, Prepositional Phrases
  • Spelling Rules for Plural Nouns
  • Alphabetization
  • Parts of a Personal Letter and Writing a Personal Letter
  • Parts of a Paragraph and Writing a Paragraph
  • Other Forms of Written Communication: Lists, Thank You Notes, Invitations and Diary Entries
  • How to Choose an Appropriate Writing Form
  • The Writing Process: Prewrite, Draft, Revise, Edit and Publish
  • Use the Writing Process to Compose Narrative, Descriptive; and Expository Writing in Formal Paragraphs and Informal Writing
  • Effective Writing Skills: Strong Details, Transitions, Beginning/Middle/End Concept, Logical Sequence of Events, Variety of Sentence Structure, and Use of Basic Figurative Language
  • Revision: Word Choice (Use of a Thesaurus), Using Strong Details, A Variety of Sentence Structure in Writing, and Figurative Language when Appropriate
  • Poetry: Text Features, End Rhyme, Free Verse and Composition

Sample Lesson Video

Textbook Sample

Size : 817 Kb Type : pdf

Assessment/Resource Sample

Size : 527 Kb Type : pdf

New teacher handbook

  • New textbook content
  • New content and activity icons
  • New simple to complex approach to grammar activities
  • New “application” section to grammar unit
  • New composition lessons and activities
  • New “extra practice” after each composition
  • New “Resource Pages” for resource folder
  • New teacher caricatures
  • Updated overall curriculum structure
  • Updated educational graphics
  • Updated organizers
  • Updated layout with units
  • Updated uniform approach to all content and activities
  • Updated daily planner icons
  • Answer key moved to Teacher Handbook
  • High definition video and audio
  • Intro and outro video/audio on menu
Assessment/Resource Booklet
25 assessments and two unit tests
– resource wordlist
– additional organizers

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After struggling through other curricula and REALLY not enjoying grammar and writing, we decided to try EIW [Level 5] last year. Not only does my son actually like this program, but comparing his first and last assignments of the year makes it clear how much he’s improved! We’re happy!

~Nicole (July 2018)