Level 6 Second Edition

Identify parts of speech; apply parts of speech; apply sentence structure; effective writing skills; expository, descriptive, persuasive, and compare/contrast writing; paragraph, narrative, personal letter, essay, research project

Essentials in Writing Level 2 Combo

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Essentials in Writing Level 6 Second Edition

(DVDs +Textbook/Workbook)


Included: DVDs with lesson-by-lesson video instruction, instructional manual/student workbook, and teacher handbook including answer key.

Essentials in Writing Level 2 Combo

Additional Student Level 6 Second Edition Workbook

(Additional Workbook compatible only with second edition Essentials in Writing DVDs)


Included: This is an instructional manual/student workbook for an ADDITIONAL student using the same level of DVDs. Please note that this workbook is not functional without the related DVD.

Essentials in Writing Level 2 Combo

Assessment/Resource Booklet

(Assessment/Resource Booklet is compatible only with second edition Essentials in Writing curriculum)



  • Assessments: 26 grammar assessments in a variety of formats (fill in the blank and multiple choice associated with both sentences and larger compositions), nine composition assessments, and two comprehensive unit tests
  • Resources: parent/student word lists for composition and multiple graphic organizers


Unit One: Grammar

Identify and apply:

  • Subjects/Predicates (complete, simple, and compound)
  • Nouns (common, proper, singular, plural, and possessive)
  • Adjectives
  • Verbs (action, linking, and helping)
  • Adverbs (modify verb and modify adjective)
  • Prepositional Phrases

Identify and apply activities for common problems:

  • Pronouns and antecedents
  • Subject/verb agreement
  • Don’t and doesn’t problem
  • Writing titles

Tools for Effective Communication

  • Apply Parts of Speech:
  •  Adjectives in action
  • Action verbs in action
  • Adverbs in action
  • Prepositional phrases in action
  • Vivid language

Apply Sentence Structure:

  • Independent and dependent clauses
  • Simple and compound sentences
  • Complex sentence
  • Sentence fragment
  • Run-on sentence

Apply Figurative Language:

  • Onomatopoeia
  • Simile
  • Metaphor
  • Personification

Unit Two: Composition

Follow the writing process for:

  • Paragraphs (expository, persuasive, and descriptive)
  • Personal Narrative
  • Persuasive Personal Letter
  • Writing a Summary
  • Compare/Contrast Writing
  • Introduce Expository Essay
  • Research Project

Additional Composition Skills

  • Audience and purpose
  • Effective use of graphic organizers
  • How to choose an appropriate writing form
  • Informal and formal writing
  • Effective writing skills (strong details, transitions, beginning/middle/end concept, logical sequence of events, variety of sentence structure, effective use of dialogue, and effective use of figurative language including onomatopoeia, simile, metaphor, and personification)
  • Using a thesaurus for word choice
  • Strong details and examples

Sample Lesson Video

Textbook Sample

Size : 1000 Kb Type : pdf

Assessment/Resource Sample

Size : 370 Kb Type : pdf

New teacher handbook

  • New textbook content
  • New content and activity icons
  • New simple to complex approach to grammar activities
  • New “application” section to grammar unit
  • New composition lessons and activities
  • New “extra practice” after each composition
  • New “Resource Pages” for resource folder
  • New teacher caricatures
  • Updated overall curriculum structure
  • Updated educational graphics
  • Updated organizers
  • Updated layout with units
  • Updated uniform approach to all content and activities
  • Updated daily planner icons
  • Answer key moved to Teacher Handbook
  • High definition video and audio
  • Intro and outro video/audio on menu
Assessment/Resource Booklet
25 assessments and two unit tests
– resource wordlist
– additional organizers

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