Essentials in Writing’s 10-Week At-Home
Summer Writing Plan

Summer School Writing Curriculum to Help Your Child
Get Ready for the Next Grade Level

What is the Essentials in Writing Summer Plan?

Essentials in Writing is a complete video-based at-home writing curriculum for students in grades 1-12. We have designed a concentrated 10-week summer writing plan that will give your child the tools they need to catch up to grade level over the course of the summer.

If you’re concerned that your child may be a little behind grade level, you are not alone! With the challenges of distance learning, public school teachers and students have found it difficult to stay on track. 

Maybe your child has always struggled with writing. Or maybe he or she is just a little behind because of the unusual circumstances of the past school year. Either way, Essentials in Writing’s 10-Week Summer Program will get your child where they need to be by the end of the summer. In less than an hour a day, your child can discover and implement the cornerstones of good writing and learn how to see the writing process through from start to finish.

Best of all, your student won’t be stuck in a summer school classroom. Because our curriculum can travel with you, you won’t have to cancel your summer vacation plans! 

Essentials in Writing
10 week Summer Plans

If you're concerned that your child may be a little behind grade level, you are not alone! Order a complete video-based at home writing curriculum for students in grades 1-12.

How It Works

Essentials in Writing’s method works! And best of all, it’s incredibly low stress for both parent and student.
  1. Essentials in Writing uses a step-by-step approach so that your student knows exactly what to do at each stage of the writing process.
  2. Mr. Stephens models every step in a video lesson so that your student never has to wonder what is expected.
  3. Your student applies the skill immediately following the lesson before he or she has time to forget what has been learned.
  4. Your student works on one piece at a time to avoid becoming overwhelmed, but over several days, each of the pieces add up to a successful composition.
  5. Essentials in Writing includes graphic organizers that help your student to create and execute a writing plan.
  6. The repetition of the process reinforces the steps until your student eventually internalizes them.

Plus, parents won’t have to spend hours prepping for lessons. Simply create a learning space for your child, queue up the video, and provide a little support as your child works through the writing exercises. In less than an hour a day, your child will gain the skills he or she needs to be ready for the next grade. 

Which Level is Right for My Student?

Essentials in Writing Level Wizard

If your child has always struggled with writing, select one grade level below the grade your child just completed or is about to complete.  Choosing one level below grade level will allow your child to really focus on the writing. The types of writing will be the same, but the prompts will be a little less complicated. Your child will gain confidence as he or she masters the basics of good writing. By the time your child completes our summer program, your once-struggling writer will be eager to take on the next school year.

If your child is just a little behind due to learning interruptions, choose the grade level your child just completed or is about to complete.  Maybe your child was passed to the next grade, but you have the sneaking suspicion that he or she needs more writing practice to perform at grade level. This option is for you! Mr. Stephens’s methodical approach helps students develop and retain a deep understanding of the writing process and gives them strategies to move forward when they get stuck.  By next school year, your child will have the writing skills and confidence he or she needs to be successful!

Ready to Get Started?

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