Level 1

Writing sentences, basic grammar, mechanics, friendly letter, paragraph, and other topics.

Essentials in Writing Level 2 Combo

Level 1

(DVDs + Textbook/Workbook)


Included: DVDs with lesson-by-lesson video instruction and instructional manual/student workbook.

Essentials in Writing Level 2 Combo

Additional Level 1 Workbook

(Additional Workbook)


Included: Additional instructional manual/student workbook to use with existing DVD. Please note that this workbook is not functional without the related DVD.

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Level 1 Complete Package
(DVDs, Textbook/Workbook and PDF of Textbook/Workbook)


Level 1 DVD
(DVDs + Printable Textbook/Workbook)



  • Review Sentences Types and Making Complete Sentences
  • Capitalization Rules: Beginning of Sentences, Names, City/State
  • Punctuation Rules: Period, Question Mark, and Exclamation Point
  • Grammar: Subject/Predicate, Nouns, Proper Nouns, Action Verbs, Adjectives, and Pronouns
  • Spelling Rules for Plural Nouns
  • Alphabetization
  • Parts of a Personal Letter
  • Writing a Personal Letter
  • Parts of a Paragraph
  • Writing a Paragraph
  • Other Forms of Written Communication: Lists, Thank You Note and Invitation
  • The Writing Process: Prewrite, Draft, Revise, Edit and Publish
  • Use the Writing Process to Compose Narrative and Descriptive Paragraphs
  • Poetry: Text Features and End Rhyme

Sample Lesson Video

Syllabus/Worksheet Sample

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