Online Newspaper Class

Your homeschool online writing course!


Is your child interested in journalism?

Would he or she like to write for a student newspaper?

Look no further because Essentials in Writing is offering an online newspaper course tailored to the homeschool student.

Students under the supervision of Ms Dianna Locke have been awarded:

  • “Best non-fiction writer in the nation”
  • 14 consecutive “First place with special merit” awards for high school publication at the national level!

About This Class

Class Times:  Students do not meet at regularly scheduled class times; however, they will be asked to complete certain milestones in specific time frame.

Class Dates: Fall 2018 (September 4—December 7)

Course Description:

  • Write features & editorials
  • Develop & cultivate interview techniques
  • Use Associated Press stylebook
  • Become accomplished editors
  • Use advanced research techniques
  • Build confidence in reading, writing, listening skills
  • Collaborate with peers across the country
  • Create a memorable publication that will be submitted for national level competition
  • Copies of newspapers will be made available for students and families (print & online)

Class Itinerary: This course requires online interaction between the student, their peers, and the teacher through Canvas. In an online classroom, students will complete in-class assignments and discuss their work with others. Students will be required to turn in drafts of compositions each week for personal feedback from the instructor before turning in a final draft of the composition. The instructor will be available through email and Canvas throughout the week.

Other Details:

  • Open to students in grades 9-12
  • We accept Paypal or credit and debit cards
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: 100% refund if requested on or before 14 days after the first day of class
  • Option to re-enroll for spring semester before course goes public in January 2019

How Does The Course Work?

  • Read and complete milestones each week (and perhaps watch a video or two)
  • Submit copy (journalism article) each week
  • Comment on other students’ submissions
  • Discuss the creative writing process with the teacher and other students
  • Learn about news writing (editorials, features, press releases) and news editing
  • Create a portfolio of at least ten pieces of news writing
  • Create a published product that will be accessible online and available in hard copy
  • Overall, students will develop confidence in their ability to write using Associated Press Stylebook rules, how to effectively conduct research and interview subjects, and how to edit news writing


  • This class is an elective composition course—it focuses on tools for interviewing, reporting, and publishing online as well as writing as a reporter
  • This class offers hands-on instruction in the field of journalism writing, which is not widely offered in many homeschool curricula
  • This class offers students interaction with not only a teacher but also other students without the need to enroll in a college course



$147 (one semester course)


or, order by phone
Call (417) 256-4191

Meet the Teacher

Mrs. Dianna Locke, Ed.S
  • 26-year educator
  • Bachelor of Science in English and social studies
  • Master’s degree in Reading
  • Master’s degree in Curriculum, Instruction, & Technology
  • Master’s degree in Educational Administration
  • Specialist degree in Educational Leadership
  • Library Media Specialist Certified (K-12)
  • Journalism advisor for 20 years
  • Teacher of the Year recipient and 15 time nominee
  • Recipient of national awards from 2004-present
  • Member of International Literacy Association
  • Member of Missouri Association of School Librarian


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