Essentials in Writing Online Class

Fall 2018 Creative Writing


About This Class

Class Times: Students do not meet at regularly scheduled class times; however, they are required to watch short video lectures on certain days assigned by the teacher. Assignments due by midnight on Fridays

Class Dates: Fall 2018 (September 4—December 7)

Course Description: A course in fictional, imaginative writing that provides instruction and practice in the following genres: poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction. Course requirements include submitting a portfolio of polished works, writing a blog post every month, and critiquing the work of fellow students.

Compositions: Ten poems, two short stories, and four creative nonfiction blog posts in addition to other practice writings and assignments

Class Itinerary: This course requires online interaction between the student, their peers, and the teacher through Canvas. In an online classroom, students will complete in-class assignments and discuss their work with others. Students will be required to turn in drafts of compositions each week for personal feedback from the instructor before turning in a final draft of the composition. The instructor will be available through email and Canvas throughout the week and during the scheduled class times.

Other Details:

  • Open to all high school students
  • We accept Paypal or credit and debit cards
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: 100% refund if requested on or before 14 days after the first day of class

How Does The Course Work?

  • Watch video lectures each week (time of day is flexible)
  • Submit practice assignments or exercises each week
  • Submit major assignments three times a semester
  • Submit personal blog posts once a month
  • Comment on other students’ submissions
  • Discuss the creative writing process with the teacher and other students
  • Learn about poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction
  • Create a portfolio of at least ten poems, two short stories, and four nonfiction blog posts
  • Overall, students will develop confidence in their ability to write creatively and communicate effectively


  • This class is not a composition course—it focuses only on creative types of writing
  • This class offers hands-on instruction in the field of creative writing, which is not widely offered in many homeschool curriculums
  • This class offers students interaction with not only a teacher but also other students without the need to enroll in a college course
  • Students will be able to receive instant answers to their questions during designated “live chat“ times


$97 (one semester course)


or, order by phone
Call (417) 256-4191

Meet the Teacher

Mrs. Danielle Nettleton

Danielle Nettleton received her B.A. in English with a minor in writing from Evangel University, where she graduated with honors. During her time at Evangel, she worked in the school’s Write Place and tutored students in writing. Her work has been published in The Sigma Tau Delta Review and Epiphany Literary Magazine. Creative writing is one of her primary passions, and she is excited to guide students in creating quality original work.

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