Online College Prep Writing – Level 12

Spring 2020


About This Class

Textbook: Includes Essentials in Writing Level 12 shipped upon enrollment

Class Times: Online (No Specific Times Required)

Class Dates:
Spring 2020 (January 13th – May 8th)

  • Final Exam scheduled at the end of the semester
  • All Major holidays are observed.
  • Class times follow CST (Central Standard Time). Time changes are observed.
  • Any dates and/or times are subject to change.

Student placement: Any student may register for this course; however, it is best suited for students who have completed levels 9-11 of Essentials in Writing or other writing curricula.

Course Overview: The goal for this class is to prepare students for writing past high school. The student will learn at their pace, but will have information presented and required each week. The information will be given in small sections, allowing the student to feel and learn the basics of a confident writer. Each student will have their own unique writing style, but we all must learn how to apply basic mechanics and sentence structure properly. The class is designed as foundational, to help students learn how to write for a variety of different types of essays. Students will cover most of the material presented in Essentials in Writing Level 12 in one semester under the guidance of an online teacher with online feedback from teacher and peers.

Compositions: The course will focus on the following types of writing. This is not a comprehensive list but rather the basics from which to build the foundations of writing.

  • Sentence Structures, Formal Paragraphs, and Essays
  • Expository Writing
  • Compare and Contrast Writing
  • Cause and Effect Writing
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Literary Response Writing
  • Timed Writing

Class Itinerary: The course will require online interactions between students, their peers, and the teacher using the Canvas platform. The class will also be designed to use the required textbook (included) as a guide throughout the class. There will be discussion posts to allow students to engage with their peers’ writings. Students will work to improve their writing by building each composition step-by-step. Students will be required to turn in work each week for personal feedback from the instructor before turning in a final draft of the composition. There are no weekly or monthly tests other than the final exam at the end of the semester.

Technology Requirement:

  • Student will need an up to date computer, or laptop that can access the internet.
  • Students will log in to Canvas to view lessons and participate in the class.
  • Essentials in Writing is not responsible for technology support.

Student Expectations:

  • Watch Essentials in Writing Level 12 instructional videos (provided) and complete all assignments.
  • Be prepared and plan accordingly to completing the weekly assignments.

Educator Expectations:

  • The instructor will grade and return all work in a timely manner.
  • The instructor will be available by email, or through the Canvas platform for questions, or to turn in assignments. Although, the educator will grade and return the work, the family chooses the final grade based on a variable of their choice.


$147 $197 (one semester course)


or, order by phone
Call (417) 256-4191

Meet the Teacher

Mrs. Dianna Locke, Ed.S
  • 26-year educator
  • Bachelor of Science in English and social studies
  • Master’s degree in Reading
  • Master’s degree in Curriculum, Instruction, & Technology
  • Master’s degree in Educational Administration
  • Specialist degree in Educational Leadership
  • Library Media Specialist Certified (K-12)
  • Journalism advisor for 20 years
  • Teacher of the Year recipient and 15 time nominee
  • Recipient of national awards from 2004-present
  • Member of International Literacy Association
  • Member of Missouri Association of School Librarian

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