Unlock Three Strategies to Improve Your Student’s Writing

Get three strategies that will help you unlock your student’s writing…100% free! This applies to reluctant writers and those who simply need improvement. I’m here to partner with you on your writing journey!


Essentials in Writing is a video based homeschool writing curriculum in which students learn how to effectively communicate with readers in written language and become confident writers. The study of language and writing is much more than dissecting sentences and committing a list of grammar rules to memory. It includes learning rules for writing, but it also encompasses learning the concepts that are critical to effective written communication.


Methodical Step-By-Step Approach

Students watch a DVD where the lessons are presented in a methodical, step-by-step approach then proceed to writing assignments.

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Small Chunks

Writing lessons and assignments are presented in small “chunks” to help students understand, apply, and retain concepts.

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Lessons Modeled By the Teacher

Writing lessons are modeled by the teacher. After a new or reviewed concept has been taught, the teacher “shows” students HOW to apply the new concept in writing.

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Benefits of Essentials in Writing?

  1. Not parent intensive
  2. Low prep time
  3. Students can work independently
  4. Complete grammar and writing curriculum
  5. Affordable
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Covering 12 levels of
writing, all of our
courses include an
instructional DVD and
related workbook.

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We were ready to give up homeschooling because the writing programs we were using weren’t working for our family…

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At what level should
my child begin?

Unless a child has a
learning disability, I
recommend students
begin at grade level.

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