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By: Essential in Writing
January 2, 2018

Welcome to Our New Blog

Welcome to Our New Blog

Welcome to our new blog!

We are very excited to launch a new addition to our website that we believe will be beneficial for students, teachers, and home school parents.

This blog will be devoted to all aspects of writing, literature, and teaching. We are excited to partner with you on your homeschool journey and provide you with helpful and quality content in our blog posts.

Our team LOVES writing!

You’ll be hearing from several members of our team:

Matthew (author/teacher) will be sharing lots of information for homeschool parents about teaching writing and literature as well as how to encourage reluctant writers.

Melanie and Shanna (homeschool moms) will be sharing their experiences as homeschool parents to encourage/equip other homeschool parents.

Athena, Danielle, Jeremiah, and Hope (curriculum writers and scorers) will be sharing lots of valuable information about writing and literature.

We are VERY excited to get started, and we have lots of information to share, but we will try to limit our posts to once or twice a week so as not to overwhelm you!

Here are a few titles you will see coming in the future:


  • Why teaching takes time
  • “What about diagramming sentences?”
  • Practical ways to encourage (and deal) with your reluctant writer


  • Just breathe – Being a homeschool parent can be tough


  • Writing and literature are not “right or wrong answer” subjects
  • The goal of writing is to communicate
  • “What about when I have nothing to say?”


  • Overwhelmed ≠ bad writer
  • Cutting words; tips for revising, removing clutter
  • A writer’s voice: takes time and many pages


  • Comma rundown—what not to do
  • Why writing is applicable to every aspect of life
  • Only grammar police yourself, not others


  • Developing personal taste in literature (figuring out what you do and do not like)
  • The importance of personal writing/journals
  • Learning from writing/literature you disagree with

And that’s just a start!

Do you have something you’d like us to blog about? Contact customer service and let them know!

Oh, and share this great news with all your homeschool friends!